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perth in review


Can you see why I loved Perth so much?! Everything was so lush and green.
(hopefully I haven’t forgotten anyone here?)

If you like to register your interest for a PERTH 2010 session, please e-mail me to add your name.




I’m back in Brisbane after spending a few days in the beautiful City of Perth, WA, holding a marathon series of family sessions. I’m still on a complete high – it was an amazing experience. I found some beautiful locations and all of my clients with no exceptions, were so welcoming and wonderful to meet.
I always come back from these interstate sessions feeling more inspired than ever.

I’m not a good traveller. Never have been. Car, Bus, Train, Boat, Hot Air Balloon (LOL) Plane.
I’ve only got to look at something moving and I get motion sickness.
When I announced my Perth sessions many months ago, it was with much trepidation at having to actually board an airplane for 5 1/2 hours. The flight wasn’t anywhere near as bad as I’d imagined and I can’t wait to go back again next year!

Just one sneak peek for now.
This little cutie is Emerson. 15 months old.

more to come of course, but for now I’m working hard at getting sessions completed and in the mail.




More of the adorable Harper.
Pretty much the only time he stayed still was when he was checking out the gumball machine! :)
He was a complete ball of energy and so much fun to photograph.

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