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Just sharing some more favourites from this session now
that the photos have been delivered
(I had so many favourites from this session)

Love, love, love this one :) (can you see the feather in the air?)

My “antique” chair (from Paddington)

A true antique chair. This was her Great-Grandmothers (hope I got that right)

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This was a recent session with 5 year old Roman and his Mum and Dad…

I thought he was such a cutie – love those dark eyes!

and I really liked this one too. Doesn’t he look so proud of his Dad :)

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I’m going to name this photo – “Look Mum – no hands!” :)

We were out grocery shopping when the girl on the checkout
commented on my good little “boy”.
After that, we had to come home and go into pink overload!
If you look at the above pic for too long, your eyes start
to go funny :)

I was asked about my purple “backdrop” in my photos
a little while back and totally forgot to answer.
This is actually my bedroom wall and Aria is sitting on my bed.
There’s great light in there – windows to the
left of the photo and in front of Aria, large white built-in
cupboard doors to the right of the photo.


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